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Cuban Reggaeton Artists by Popularity

Last Updated 16/09/2023 17:01
By Miriam

Welcome to our list of the best Cuban Reggaeton artists, where the vibrant rhythms of Cuba blend seamlessly with the infectious beats of reggaeton. This page is your destination to explore the rich tapestry of talent that has emerged from the heart of Cuba, infusing this globally beloved genre with their unique flavor and style.

Cuban reggaeton, with its fusion of reggae, hip-hop, and Latin influences, has created an electrifying and dance-worthy sound that transcends borders. Our dedicated page not only introduces you to the top artists who have brought Cuban reggaeton to the forefront but also delves into their individual journeys, musical evolution, and the impact they’ve made on the genre. Whether you’re a seasoned reggaeton enthusiast or just beginning to explore this captivating genre. Our comprehensive profiles and curated playlist will ensure you stay in tune with the latest hits and timeless classics from the Cuban reggaeton scene.

Gente de Zona

Firstly, we start with Gente de Zona  , as he is known as the best Cuban Reggaeton artist, and for a reason. Gente de Zona is a duo formed by Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom. Their 2014 collaboration with Enrique Iglesias on the hit song Bailando  catapulted them to international stardom, topping charts in numerous countries. In fact, they have earned several Latin Grammy Awards, including Best Tropical Fusion Album for “Visualízate” in 2016.

In conclusion, Gente de Zona proudly represents Cuban music and culture, infusing their reggaeton with elements of traditional Cuban styles. With that said, you should definitely check some of their hits.

Jacob Forever

Jacob was a founding member of the popular Cuban reggaeton group “Los 4,”, which gained widespread recognition for their infectious tracks and energetic performances.

His music, in fact, has garnered international attention, expanding the influence of Cuban reggaeton beyond its borders.

El Micha

El Micha initially pursued a career in hip-hop, but later transitioned to reggaeton, where he found considerable success. Some of his popular tracks include “La Pegajosa,” and “Dile,” which have also gained recognition in the Latin music scene.

El Micha has collaborated with a range of artists, including internationally acclaimed stars like Gente de Zona, Wisin, and Pitbull.

Yomil y el Dany

Yomil (real name: Yomil Hidalgo) and El Dany (real name: Daniel Muñoz) formed the reggaeton duo “Yomil y el Dany” in Havana, Cuba.

They were pioneers in the Cuban reggaeton scene, challenging traditional music norms and gaining a massive following. Hits: Yomil y el Dany’s tracks, such as “Bailando Reggaeton” and “Te Paso a Buscar”, became anthems in the Cuban reggaeton music.

Srta. Dayana

Srta. Dayana began her music career at a young age, gaining recognition for her singing and songwriting skills.

With singles like “Te Llevo en Mi Piel,” “Lo Que Tengo Yo,” and “A Ti Lo Que Te Duele,” Srta. Dayana has left an indelible mark on the Latin music. Her passionate performances and distinctive voice continue to resonate with fans. She easily gained a status as one of the leading female voices in the world of reggaeton.


IAmChino’s real name is Eduardo A. Lleras. The artist is not only an artist but also a highly sought-after producer, known for his ability to create various musical styles.

He is known for producing hit songs like “Amor” with Pitbull and “Ay Mi Dios” featuring Pitbull, Yandel, and Chacalm, influencing many figures in the Latin music industry.

Overview of the Cuban Reggaeton Artists

In conclusion, Cuban Reggaeton music stands as a vibrant and influential force within the larger Latin music world. With its fusion of infectious beats, Caribbean rhythms, and lyrical depth, Cuban Reggaeton has transcended borders.

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